Criminal Minds Evolution - torrents are being uploaded under original Criminal Minds thread S16

The new TV series Criminal Minds Evolution is being uploaded in torrent sites under the original Criminal Minds thread (2005) - Sonarr unable currently to locate & download.

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Request a mapping

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Thank you - appreciate the re-direct.

Next time please include the full release name when filling out the form, without adding extra information to the name otherwise the result will not function as necessary (specifically talking about the (new series) added on the end).

How do we utilize these mappings in our systems? Does this require an update to Sonnarr or is somehow pulled down automatically?

Will do - Thank you.

I already put a mapping request in the morning E01 dropped and I noticed it being posted Criminal Minds instead of Criminal Minds: Evolution.

Criminal Minds: Evolution has been dropped by tvdb and moved to Criminal Minds S16

I did that last week too and it seems it’s still not picking it up. Something about a parsing error.

Please open a new thread with all the requested information so we can take a look.

why in the heck does a new thread need to be opened to address this? that makes no sense.

Because a parsing error is a whole different beast compared to a season mapping…