Create sub quality categories

I wish I could set quality tags within a quality section.

For example, let’s say that in WEL-DL I like having the ABC tag, but this tag is not always an option. Some times DEF is available first, then ABC is released. I would like Sonar to grab the DEF, but when ABC is seen to grab it and replace DEF.

In this case I would add ABC to the “list of preferred” tag in the WEB-DL quality setting. If I do not want a particular tag in that quality I could also add BAD to the “not wanted list”.

Thank for this awesome piece of software, that was just my idea for a inconvenience I’m facing.

Sonarr v3 has preferred words :slight_smile:

Thanks, just upgraded to v3 and looks like the system will not upgrade, it will only prefer based on a search resulting in many release of the same quality. I would like an upgrade, since the tag that I would like usually is released after the one that is less desirable. Correct me if I’m wrong, I would like to be wrong in fact :slight_smile:

Answering my own question… Yes it does update to a prefered release in the same category! Thank you exactly what I needed!

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