Could I get a spk of sonarr for synology?

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Could I get an SPK package for a synology?

The sonarr devs don’t make/maintain a syno package as far as I know.
Synocommunity has one, but they only have v2 it seems:

If your syno supports docker that is another route to go.

Thnx! used the spk. Docker is an option but eat ups a lot of resources.

i use the docker version and it definitely does not eat up a lot of resources.

When I run it from docker it eats like 80% cpu en 700 mbs of mem.

you have an issue there then.
mine uses virtually nothing.

same, i limit the ram it can access to 1gb but it tends to sit around 300mb. cpu typically only spikes during the 1/2 daily rescan process and is normally at 2-5% (dual core 1.8ghz atom)

plus i like being able to update the image without worrying about what mono package will work/break anything else.

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