Correct folder setup

Hi all I know this has prob been answered 100 times I am running jackett sonarr and transmisson all as docker containers everythink is working but I cant get my head around the correct folder layout for each container everythink I download just ends up in /data/complete folder this is fine but after seeding i would like it to move to maybe /media/tv/the_series_name I am unsure what setting in sonarr I need to point it to this location any help would be great :+1::grin:

First you might want to actually use punctuation and not just create one long run on sentence. Second you should of posted which OS you’re running. Third I see no legitimate reason to use Docker. And lastly I would use Deluge or qBittorrent over Transmission.

Nothing wrong with this post so don’t hid it again.

Pot, meet grammar/vocabulary kettle.

Anyway, “I don’t like docker or the download client you’re using” isn’t going to help the topic starter. Here’s the sonarr wiki (which also links to Thrash’s guide) to help with folder setup when using docker:
Have a look through there and see if it “clicks”. If not, please post back with info on your setup, especially the mounts of your various docker containers.

Hi thanks for reply, i sent the message from my phone at the end of 13 hour night shift so punctuation was not at the top of my priorities i assumed i would have a answer by the time i woke up. any way to answer your questions i am running proxmox server with ubuntu 20.04. I like to use docker as i like haugene/transmission-openvpn to route my docker containers, maybe this is not the best option for my setup. thanks again and i will look in to setting up with out docker in a new VM. :+1:

Thanks for advise Thirrian i will check that out. :+1:

May i ask what setup you recommend Thirrian O/S , Download client and vpn setup.

seeding torrents are always copied or hardlinked to your library folder.

it sounds like you have a lot of reading to do to understand how sonarr actually works and then learn docker

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Thanks all i will do some more reading on the subject. As i say above it all seems to be working, i think i just need to get my head around the folders and hardlinking. I seem to have radarr working fine and moving and renaming files perfectly, The folders and setting look the same in each docker container. I must just be missing somethink some were.
Thanks again… :wink: