Control the default quality source, e.g `HDTV` -> `WEBRip`

It would be great to be able to tell Sonarr to make a different assumption about the quality source (the part without the resolution, HDTV vs WEB-DL vs BluRay, etc.) when grabbing and importing releases whose titles or names don’t include it. I feel like in these days of streaming, it’s usually much more accurate to assume a release from a WEBRip than to assume it’s from HDTV. OTOH, some quality-obsessed users may find it more important to avoid accidentally replacing a WEB-DL release with an unspecified release that is actually from HDTV, so this should probably be a setting on the quality profile. Removing the HDTV-* qualities from the quality profile doesn’t work because when the only releases available are from HDTV I still want Sonarr to grab them.

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For context, I’d say at least 50% of the time I do an interactive search, I would actually prefer to get one of the releases that Sonarr assumes is from HDTV, in my case because they’re more compressed HEVC/AV1 release with smaller sizes. I often forget to scroll down that far, however. When I do scroll down and grab a release, I can be sure I’ll have completely forgotten that I “overrode” Sonarr’s assumption when the release finishes downloading and the queue tells me the release is of lower quality.