Connect to Kodi from Sonarr Docker

Sonarr version (
Mono version (
OS: Ubuntu 18.04
Debug logs: Unable to send test message: The operation has timed out.
Description of issue:

I’m running the LinuxServer/Sonarr Docker image and everything is working fine except one annoyance. Sonarr is unable to reach a Kodi box on the same LAN. When I test an added Kodi installation under Connect it times out with the error above. I’m unable to ping the Kodi box from the Sonarr container, so I believe this has something to do with the way Docker handles networks. This may not even be the right place to ask, but I figured someone here has been through this already.

depends on how you setup the docker networking (bridge, host, something else), if youre using the --network option, what ports are exposed.

it doesnt sound like a sonarr issue but if you post the docker run command you use for both containers (or the compose yaml) someone might be able to help

btw, did you install the network tools in the sonarr container? just that they dont typically come with them by default so you cant ping anything from inside the container

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