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I’ve had Sonarr setup for a while and it’s been great but I recently wanted to make my whole setup more automatic.

Currently I have SABnzbd as my new newsgroup client and Deluge for torrents. Sonarr and SABnzbd work great and I don’t have any complaints there but I’m having to manually manage my torrents and that’s what I’m looking to automate with Sonarr and some Deluge plugins.

What I’m looking to achieve is:

  • Media is copied from my download directory to my media directory when a torrent is completed
  • Torrents remain in Deluge either for a specified period of time or until a certain ratio is reached
  • If a torrent comes as a bunch of RAR files they are properly extracted and removed when the torrent is completed

I have plugins for Deluge that can handle extracting RAR files in place and for handling removing torrents so that part is covered. I’m stuck on what I would need to configure on the Sonarr side. Looking at the settings the only thing that stuck out to me was unchecking “Use Hardlinks instead of Copy”. I’m assuming that would leave copies of the media in my download and then I can let my Deluge plugin cleanup the files when the torrents get removed.

Based one what I’m trying to accomplish is there anything else I would need to configure in Sonarr? Does Sonarr handle extraction of RAR files or do I still need the Deluge plugin to handle that? (I honestly don’t know often torrents come as archives anymore, but it’s definitely been a pain point for me in the past).

Thanks for any help on this!

P.S. Sorry if this isn’t clear, I’m having a tough time describing what I’m trying to achieve…

You should never be getting RAR files.

Is that part of how Sonarr decides which torrent to use? If that’s the case, that’s fantastic and makes the configuration way less complicated

The Deluge plugin or Unpackarr are going to be your best bets. Whatever you use, you’ll want Sonarr to see all extracted files at the same time, usually achieved by extracting files in another location and then moving them back after they are all extracted (Unpackarr does this).

Not sure about Deluge, but some clients will only remove the files they know about. leaving extracted video files alone, a Custom script in Sonarr could be used to clean up after importing.

No, this depends on the tracker, some ban RAR files, others allow it, public trackers are going to be a mix of both. Sonarr doesn’t know whether content is RARed until import time.

Thanks for all that information, that helps a lot!

I’m pretty sure you’re right about this. I think my best bet is probably going to be adding a script on cleanup, which I’m ok with doing.

I’ll look into Unpackarr as an option, thanks for mentioning it.

I have two remaining questions:

  1. If I have Use Hardlinks instead of Copy unchecked, does that mean Sonarr will leave copies of the media when it imports?
  2. If Rename Episodes is enabled does Sonarr rename then copy the files or does it copy the files then rename?

For #2 I’m worried if it renames the original file then does the copy that could mess up Deluge

It will do that in both cases, if one the same volume hardlinks will only use the space one time, copies will use double the space.

Effectively copy then rename, the original file will not be renamed, the actual implementation is a bit more nuanced.

this will likely help

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