"Completed search for 0 movies. 0 reports downloaded" when adding a new movie to Radarr

Radarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Debian GNU/Linux 12 (bookworm)
Debug logs: Requesting a download for a Movie in Radarr using Overseerr, but Radarr ends up "Performing search for 0 movies" · GitHub
Description of issue: I have Overseerr setup on top of Radarr, and connected Radarr with a download client. I then proceed to request a movie using Overseerr, which gets sent to Radarr, and then the movie gets added by Radarr, but Radarr ends up saying Completed search for 0 movies. 0 reports downloaded.

Important things to know:

  • Every other movie I have requested, I have successfully been able to download using this setup.
  • After this movie gets added to Radarr, it is labelled BLUE (Unreleased), even though this movie has been released.
  • This movie was actually added to Radarr a month or so ago. I deleted it it from Radarr and tried to request it again, and saw that Radarr was not actually searching for it. Maybe there’s some lingering data that’s leftover in my app’s configurations / database that’s erroneously causing the movie to be marked as unreleased, and thus, not searching for it? Not sure.

I did some more troubleshooting and found some more interesting things. If, in Overseer’s Radarr configuration, I changed the minimum availability from “Released” to “Announced”, then the movie gets downloaded, but if I leave it at “Released”, then it doesn’t download it and leaves the movie as unreleased.

This is really interesting. It seems to me that this means Radarr is only not downloading this media because it thinks its unreleased, but if I go look in the Radarr’s calendar, even it knows that the movie has already been released. It shows the Movie in the calendar on April 10, 2024, which has already passed. So question is, what’s causing Radarr to keep thinking that the movie is still unreleased, even when it should know better?

BTW, just as a sanity check, even TMDB has marked the movie as released

Figured it out with the help of be6np68es6 on Discord: The movie had only been released in cinemas, and I was making the request in Overseerr with the minimum availability set as Released. The minimum availability needed to be set as In Cinemas. I’ll change my Overseerr settings accordingly.