Completed files moving to wrong folder after installing radarr


**Sonarr version
win 10 pr0

Have sonarr running on win 10 pro machine, with utorrent on separate win 10 machine. Liked sonarr so much decided to to try radarr, installed radarr and set remote path to \TBOX\Torrents\completed\movies-radarr this is the completed download location on the utorrent machine.
Problem is now my sonarr completed downloads are downloading to either \TBOX\Torrents\completed\tv-sonarr or \TBOX\Torrents\completed\movies-radarr locations.
When they download to the movie-radarr folder I get an error when sonarr tries to import-- Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: C:\Torrents\completed\movie-radarr.
But the ones that download to the tv\sonarr file import correctly.
Is this a problem with running sonarr and radarr at the same time or is it a problem with utorrent?


That’s a problem with uTorrent.

You could simplify your Remote Path Mappings in Sonarr and Radarr to map the remote path C:\Torrents\completed\ to the local path \TBOX\Torrents\completed\ and they’ll figure out the sub directories, though that doesn’t explain why uTorrent is putting them in the wrong place.


Ok will try that and report back what happens, It’s funny all was working great till I installed radarr.

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