Completed Download and Transmission not working at all


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I just switch from Sickrage to Sonarr and for now I can say that it was easy to do the conversion and Sonarr work perfectly except for one little thing !. I have to always manually import from my directory where the Complete download are. I triple check my configuration to be sure that I have the same directory in my Transmission setup that the one in my Manual import section and they are the same , I also check that the complete download is tag to YES and it is.

I really don’t know WHY Sonarr don’t move or copy the file to my Serie library when the download is completed ?

Any clue will be appreciated.

Transmission and sonarr are running on the same Linux computer
Dir in Transmission donwload client /share/Download/transmission/serie/
Complete donwload handling is set to yes

Episode downloaded won’t be copied to my library until I hit the Import manual button and I used the same Dir that I put in the Transmission config /share/Download/transmission/serie/

What did I do wrong ?

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You’re missing all the requested information when opening a support thread, version, mono version and most importantly, debug logs.

The logs and Activity: Queue will give insight into whether Sonarr sees those downloads as complete and ready to import. If they’re not in Activity: Queue then Sonarr won’t know to import them, but if they’re there it will tell you why it hasn’t (at a high level).

Make sure downloads aren’t removed from Transmission upon completion, otherwise Sonarr will never import them automatically.


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