Complete Option in Filters


Net Version 4.8.0

Allowing a Lock on the Filter area for Completed Series would be a great feature.

You could get a list of all completed Series and even move them when ready to another area.

So far, I have had to use the Option of a Tag or make it UNmonitored and search thru the list.

This would allow for the proper moving and keeping an eye on all completed series for the event that the network may do like they have done previously and restarted a series.

It also would allow the system to automatically archive a series from a SSD to a normal Long term storage item. My Tape drives tend to take forever if I use all drives and it has to look at everything.
So far my DAT drive takes 6 days to go through it all. If I keep clearing completed series to HD with backup, I can reduce the time considerably.

That is why Backups now are so hard. The time factor and the scope of coverage makes people not want to do it.
Boy for the days of the old W.O.R.M. Drives.

Episode progress = 100 will do just that.

When episodes start airing the progress would be less than 100% though, you’d still need a tag or unmonitor to track those.

There are a lot of shows that have been forgotten and listed as continuing. Most that watch them know that is not true.

I like this because I can have Sonarr only hit the shows I KNOW will be continuing but as you also know. The Beta V3 version better but does have a few hiccups. Still the improvement do outweigh the bad.

Here is why.
Show : The A Team
Started: 1983
Seasons 5
TVID: 77904

This show will cause Sonarr to hiccup all the time. As does the Tick.

With the default settings The A-Team gets all sorts of pulls from both Usenet, Torrents, and other Media servers. This is only because for many they keep as true to the name as possible. Some want to index as A-Team,The. Some Want to index ATEAM. Some of the Media Servers I have access to use just the TVID-Sxe format.

I know you have to use what you have. and I am thankful for the help.

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