Comparison of torrent download clients

I’ve recently started to learn and love Sonarr.
I’ve just found the following extremely useful wiki page, which provides a comparison between torrent clients with respect to the feature of seeding time/ratio limits.

first of all, is that feature implemented?
it seems to me it is, taking a look at Sonarr
yet the wiki still says upcoming. is that outdated?

if so, is the comparison up-to-date?
I’m trying to understand the differences between the various torrent clients, and I’d be happy to pick one that plays well with Sonarr.

on the same note, is there a more comprehensive comparison of the torrent clients, including how well they play with Sonarr with respect to:

  • starting and stopping torrents,
  • removing torrents,
  • deleting data,
  • etc?

I have seen lots and lots of issues and forum threads regarding this, so I hope this question makes sense. thanks for the help!