Checkboxes for Indexers

I’d like to see checkboxes on the added indexers so when one is down it can be simply unchecked temporarily till it comes back up. This would be much easier than having to add it back again.

Why would you need to add it back? Why would you remove it?

There is 0 need for this functionality as it exists in a different method.

If it’s down it’s down, automatically marked as such, and ignored. you can also disable rss/interactive/automatic if needed.

if it is backup and still ignored you trigger the test for it and you’re good.

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That’s pretty obvious. More times than not the the site the indexer is based on is temporarily down causing the indexer to fail. As for being ignored no it’s not. Sonarr tell you it cannot search due to a down indexer,

A down indexer does not prevent Sonarr from searching, unless that’s your only indexer.

There are already check boxes to disable indexer functionality, unchecking them all disables the indexer.


There is not going to be an option to enable/disable everything.


I experience an indexer being down on a regular basis; just leave it - will be up in time again.
Dunno if you have multiple indexers, Sonarr will use them in order of configuration?