Changing monitoring option(s)


When adding a new series Sonarr provides seven different monitoring options(including none) for picking up the episodes but when editing an existing series there is no access to those options, only yes or no.

Can the effect of the different options be mimicked by manual changes? If not, it seems this would be a nice feature to have short of deleting and recreating a series.


when youre looking at the page for a series that yes/no choice can also be set by clicking on the the monitored icon/action in front of its name (the bookmark/flag looking icon). it toggles between monitored (filled in) and unmonitored (hollow)

as well as the series name theres a monitored status icon/action next to each season and each episode.

  • clicking on the monitored icon for an episode will toggle the status of that episode
  • clicking on the monitored icon for a season will toggle the status of that season, and sets every episode in that season to match it
  • clicking on the monitored icon for the series will toggle the status of the series. it wont set them all to on or off like the season setting though, it just disables/enables the ability to set the season and episode status

you can click each of those icons in any combination you want to get it to match those seven original options


Understood. Since I am a lazy person I was looking to be able to change the initial option rather than a lot of smaller edits.


You can use Season Pass to change the option after the series is added.


Way Cool! I had never been to that page before!


What if I mark a season as monitored in the Season Pass, but the series is unmonitored? Will that season still be unmonitored?


Yes, series overrides episode level monitoring.


@markus101 Thanks for answering!


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