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Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Docker - build
Debug logs:

Description of issue: Grabbed an episode. The download automatically lower-cased it (I do this on purpose). There appears to be a case matching issue when running on docker/Linux systems. After I renamed the file in the said logs above, the file imported.

Let me know if you need more logs/clarification.



Linux is case-sensitive, so that’s an inherent “feature”, I guess…

Is there a reason to do this (change download names to lowercase)? I’m assuming you use some kind of pre- or post-processing script in your download client. Can’t you simply disable it for sonarr’s category?


did you know that sonarr can lower case folder/filenames as part of its media management settings?

the download client returns the filename to sonarr when the job is completed so for it to send the original filename and not the rename would mean that you either ran your rename process outside of that pipeline, or your rename process didnt update the download client with the new filename

if your download client cannot handle either of those then you have the option of doing it yourself. you can disable completed download handling in sonarr and then update your script to push it into sonarr (using the api) after its been renamed.

theres only so much sonarr can do when the underlying OS is case sensitive, so you need to either change the OS, or change the way you do things.


Thanks guys for suggestions. I don’t know WHY I was renaming the files to lowercase on download. There must have been a reason in the past that I can’t recall.

At any rate, I have Sonarr renaming all the files to lowercase after processing anyway for the sake of my own sanity. Release groups change case everywhere and I prefer a flat-lowercase file.

I’ve removed the lowercase part of my transfer script to see how it performs now. This is just something that suddenly appeared and I hadn’t seen in over 6 months.

I realize Linux has case sensitivity. It might also be something that the Sonarr devs should look into: ignoring case on import, especially on *nix systems.

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