Can't import Trakt lists - No results were returned from your import list, please check your settings

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Docker on Debian

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Dear friends,

I am trying to import my user’s trakt watchlist, but Sonarr tells me “No results were returned […]”. The list has 90+ TV Shows, of which, 50+ are not already in my sonarr library. I subscribed to Trakt VIP, thinking there might be some limit, but the problem persists.

Can you please help me find out what I am doing wrong?

– Edited to add pastebin link –

If you want help then you need to actually follow the instructions in the forum template

You were told explicitly info logs are not needed and to not post the logs within the body of your post

Also why is your database locked? That implies that there is a comically high IOWait and effectively sonarr cannot function

Sorry, but I am kind of a newbie in forums.

Added a pastebin with the log file - it is pulling zero hits, even though there are 90+ shows in the watchlist.

Cheers and thank you for your help

The error is 100% clear There are no tv series on your list you are inputting.

2022-01-08 16:16:40.1|Debug|TraktUserImport|Downloading Feed[user]/watchlist/shows?limit=100
2022-01-08 16:16:40.3|Debug|FetchAndParseImportListService|Found 0 from Trakt User
2022-01-08 16:16:40.7|Info|ImportListSyncService|Processing 0 list items

Also where does the forum or wiki say to modify, edit, and censor your logs?

Regarding logs redacting - sonarr logs contain my IP, my server’s IP, many of my library’s contents, which I would like to remain private.

Here follow some logs with another list - it has 100 items, but none are imported to Sonarr.