Can't import existing series


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OS: Synology DSM7
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Forgive me if it is a noob question, but I’ve just installed Sonarr and I’m trying to import existing series. The format is /data/{Series name}/season {n}/{episode name}S{n}E{n}

An example is /volume1/docker/sonarr/data/main/12 Monkeys/Series 1/12.Monkeys.S01E01.HDTV.x264-KILLERS.mp4

I’ve tried setting the root directory to /data/ and try to scan the existing series.

I don’t think it is a permissions issue as it identifies the series names, but says “Search Failed, Please try again later”

When changing the search directory to /data//season it says that all series have been imported - although nothing is shown in (for example) Mass Editor.

This answer is covered on the FAQ and install docs.

You’re running into the SynoCommunity bug and sonarr will not be usable until you fix mono’s SSL certs

I’m using Sonarr in Docker - and the certs for Mono have just been updated - so not sure what you mean?

Ah sorry, misread the error pre coffee.

Your issue is a broken docker setup and non-functional networking. In this case your dns doesn’t work.

Typically due to poorly configured vpns or other poor docker setups that don’t have functional networking

Found it… Problem was in my Synology firewall - switching it off made everything work - now I just need to work out what rule I need…

Pretty simple really - got the Docker addresses with

ip addr show docker0

then just put a firewall rule in that allowed addresses from to