Cant download in Sonarr: Invalid torrent file specified

When I try to download episodes directly from Sonarr search this error shows up, if i search manually on jackett i can download the torrent file and open it with no problem. Any idea?

Btw, i have the same problem with Radarr

I leave here the logs if necessary

Looks like Jackett isn’t returning a valid torrent to Sonarr/Radarr. Might be worth switching to Prowlarr instead.

What indexer?

Provide the Jackett log for the issue.

In the Jackett logs there is only the ones for the search

The indexers i use are from Spain, and there arent on prowlarr, i tried adding the indexers in prowlarr through jackett, but had the same issue in sonarr

This indexers


The jackett logs does not show any problem, only the search request

theres one google result for a similar issue. cant hurt to check.

check if jacket is setup to use http or https for the indexer url, then check what the indexer is actually using right now, make sure they are the same.

Yeah I tried to change jackett to use https but cant figure out how.

The indexer is https
Captura de pantalla 2023-11-25 144846

Jackett uses http

If there’s nothing in the Jackett logs about a failed download, then you’ll need to provide trace Sonarr logs.

from those images theyre both using https. sonarr is always going to use http to talk to jacket.

it looks like you might be using the combined feed, not the individual indexer feeds? divxtotal instead of mejortorrent in the jacket url. that or you pasted in the wrong indexer?

as far as im aware there are issues using the combined indexer feed out of jacket and you have to use the individual ones instead.

ie if i add that indexer into jacket it gives me this address to use http://jackett.home/api/v2.0/indexers/mejortorrent/results/torznab/

go back into jacket and get your torznab feed url for mejortorrent and use that instead to confirm if the indexer works on it own

Their last screenshot shows they’re using the individual indexer feed, not the aggregate all feed.

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