Cant delete root folder?

Sonarr version (exact version):
Debug logs:
Description of issue: I had a path, D:\TV Shows

I changed it to D:\Content\TV Shows

Sonarr is still trying to find the original path even though I deleted it using the GUI > import page.

Even though its deleted from import

Rebooted my pc, rebooted sonarr. Also, “Unmapped folders: 68” I cant import them because theyre already imported from the old root folder. Theres no way to clear that other than deleting everything out of sonarr and reimport?

Have you actually updated your series in sonarr to the new root folder?
Check (and update if needed) in Series > Mass Editor

i just ran into a similar thing, except i had deliberately removed the root folder path at the OS level. when i went to remove it from sonarr there was no way to do it.

root folders that no longer exist do not seem to get displayed under media management, and they also do not show up when adding a new series (which they used to)

any chance we can get missing root folders listed under media management so we can clean them up if needed, because the only option left is to recreate the path in the OS, remove it from sonarr, then remove the path from the OS again.

Root folders that don’t exist on disk will still show up, but any series still pointed to the old path will still cause it to show up in UI as missing, without there actually being a root folder you can remove from Sonarr (you just need to fix your series paths).

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