Can't Add Series, Folder is not writable by user nzbdrone


Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): 4.8.0
OS: Ubuntu 16.10
((Debug logs)):
Description of issue: Here is my setup, I have a FreeNAS file server on one physical machine. It has Plex Media Server running as a jail. All of my media files are located in \\\freenas\media\TV Shows. Sonarr is installed on a separate machine. I have a mount point setup on the Sonarr server that mounts that file share to \media\plex. When I go in Sonarr and add a series I set the ‘Path’ to be /media/plex/Media/TV Shows/. When I click ‘Save’ I get an error of “Folder is not writable by user nzbdrone”. I am guessing that it is a permissions issue, but I am not sure what commands need to be run to allow ‘nzbdrone’ access to the remote file shares. Since the ‘nzbdrone’ is a local user on the Sonarr box and FreeNAS wouldn’t have any idea of what that account is I am not sure how to grant it access. Any help would be appreciated.

Folder is not writable by user nzbdrone

Lists some recent threads with mounted shares and write permissions that may help.


Go into the terminal and run these commands to become user ‘nzbdrone’

sudo -i su - nzbdrone

You will now be nzbdrone. Try to browse

cd /media/plex/Media/TV\ Shows/

Try to write a file

touch test

Somewhere along the way you are going to get an error here, let me know at which point you cannot proceed further.

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