Cannot get rid of root folder error

Sonarr version
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
Windows 10:
Debug logs:
(Make sure debug logging is enabled in settings and post the full log to hastebin/pastebin/dropbox/google drive or something similar, do not post them directly here. Post in .txt not .doc, .rtf or some other formatted document)
I am getting a missing root folder v:\TV… I cannot find that i have this anywhere anymore , have restarted sonarr, but continue to see this message.:

Either there is still a root folder with it (Check Settings: Media Management: Root Folders) or a series is still assigned that path (check Series: Mass Editor).

Finally, you can run the Check Health task in System: Tasks

I did find one embedded different root folder and the error went away right away… When checking the root folder path, i see it says that there are 5 unmapped folders. What are those and how do i map them?

Thanks very much BTW.

Those are folders inside the root folder currently not associated with series.
You can add them as series in Series > Import > select your root folder.

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