Cannot add Handmaid's Tale - Skyhook error


Debug log:

Message: Request Failed. POST /api/series: Error getting response stream (ReadDoneAsync2): ReceiveFailure: ‘


Any advice would be most welcome, thanks

Unable to connect to indexer: DNS Name Resolution Failure: ''

You’re missing some important information… which OS, which version of mono?


Linux (Synology DSM 6.1.7)
Mono from Syno Community
Sonarr is running in docker, Mono isn’t if that’s relevant

All other series appear to be ok, it’s just this one giving me any error, Would anyone mind trying to add or refresh it to see if it’s just me



Sonarr runs under mono, the mono version installed directly on the synology is irrelevant. System: Info in Sonarr will show the version it’s running under.


Ah ok, that’s showing



We’ve been seeing some weird issues with 5.12 when making requests to websites, other apps running under mono have seen similar things, though I’m not sure how much anyone has investigated.

Not sending shows to download

Thanks. Is there anything I could try? Mayberry use an older version (if I can do that in docker)


You could move back to an older tagged version of the docker image, instead of latest.


I had the same issue on an ArchLinux machine with Sonarr and Mono
Downgrading to Mono has solved the problem.


Thanks for the help all. I just tried again & it worked this time. All versions the same


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