Can Sonarr be configured like Jackett?

I’m familiar with Jackett, but not sonarr. All I want is basically what
Jackett does for its search function, I don’t need handling of my
downloaded files or other program integration; I simply want to search
ALL the indexers at the same time for something I specify and download
the nzb file I need to my desktop. Can Sonarr do this or does it solely
rely on API usage?

If not, do you know of any program that will do this?

Thank you.

nzbhydra will do that.

With individual APIs, sure, but that’s not what Jackett does. They use their own API with permission from the trackers, so you don’t get “hits”. What I’m asking for is probably impossible. Think but for usenet.

Jackett doesn’t use an API, they use screenscraping, which is likely done without permission from the trackers in most cases. A change to the layout or blocking of Jackett would take it down for that tracker and is higher load than an API (since full pages need to be requested for a simple search).

Avoiding API hits is a red flag to me, in that you want to use the site, but not help sustain it. You could always run your own indexer (look into newznab and it’s various forks), but it’s probably going to cost more than it’s worth and the time investment is not trivial.

Nah, that’s just bullshit assumption. “Red flag”, that’s cute. When
something is good, you donate. I donate, and the api limit are for bad
usenet sites as an excuse to gouge money. How is using someone elses api
different than using the site’s search function which do not count
towards your api? Explain. By your logic, using the site search and not
grabbing via api is cheating them out of money. What you’re talking
about has nothing to do with what I’m asking and more to do with turning
a profit in a fashion you agree with.

What I’m looking for is a matter of convenience, not a matter of
scamming anyone out of a preponderant system they’ve made. I don’t even
understand how you could put those two things together, frankly it’s
just dumb and absurd. And no, Jackett has its own api to use,
and they have their own permissions through private trackers to use their search function just like Bit Che, and it isn’t through rss feeds or anything of the
like, and even if they scraped, there is no reason why a search function
like that couldn’t be made under or for usenet, is there?

The question now is, does it exist. No it doesn’t.

You make your own indexer, charge money for api, put up your flags or do
whatever you want. I’ll work on something like this which is more

You were pointed to a valid solution and you don’t want to use it because it uses API hits. And API hits generally require a donation, the fact that you want to avoid the donation and still automate the search is a problem.

Not at all, but you’re a valid visitor, probably being served an ad, which does give the site some revenue, if ads are being served to programs fetching things without a user seeing them it defeats the purpose and could have a negative impact on the site.

Is that not what NZBHydra provides? Yes it uses API calls, but you probably don’t need 100 indexers that generally have the same thing. A few good indexers, with reasonable limits and grabs per day is plenty from my experience.

They don’t use an API on the trackers though, they just expose an API so Sonarr and other apps can access it.

Indexers aren’t going to want that though, they can and would shut it down, like they have with apps using their API being too abusive.

Anyways, this isn’t the place and is off topic at best. Good luck.

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