Can someone on here help me with a weird Jacket issue?

Sonarr version (exact version) :
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows) :
OS : Windows 10 64bit
Debug logs : Which logs do I need to give?
Description of issue :
The issue is actually with Jacket. For some reason, out of the blue, it stopped working, and I narrowed it down to a weird permission issue with the folder that it stores the json files for the different indexers I’ve added. Strangely a couple still work, but the majority don’t anymore.
The error I get is:
Exception (1337x): Access to the path ‘C:\ProgramData\Jackett\Indexers\1337x.json.bak’ is denied.: Access to the path ‘C:\ProgramData\Jackett\Indexers\1337x.json.bak’ is denied.

When I looked in that folder there were 30,000 temp json files in there. I deleted all of them, and I reset the permissions on the folder itself, but it’s still not working with all but 1 of my indexers with that access denied error. Anyone have any ideas what’s going on?

I ended up having to remove every indexer in Jacket, stop Jacket, delete all the files, restart it, and re-add all the indexers. Not sure what happened, but it just stopped working one day and the issue was that it didn’t have permissions to access the JSON files that the indexers use.

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