Can not download torrents

Package Version 3.0.9 by Team Sonarr
Mono Version

password: yx0inxsMCs

I can no longer download torrent files. The file I used was rargb and I can no longer access that file. What makes it worse is that I cleverly deleted EVERYTHING to do with rargb (this is the only thing I can think of that happened) In any case there is no rargb anyplace on my computer so whatever happened REALLY worked.

For some reason I cannot make radarr run as it should. I will send them a note for their thoughts on that one.

The really strange thing is that sabnzbdplus managed to download a file, from Transmission last night which also seems strange.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

So, I started to find a new place to download torrents from. I would prefer a free site.

Log seems inaccessible

Forbidden (#403)
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Wiki says specifically not to use pastebin

And none of what else you said seems to make much sense.

Assuming what you are wanting is automated torrent downloads within Sonarr, you would need a torrent indexer setup, in conjunction with a torrent download client.

You should be able to add rarbg back as an indexer, it is one of the default options when adding a torrent indexer.

Information and steps on how to accomplish this are within the wiki
and Trash Guides

I don’t download many torrents. That being said my system downloaded two, last night, The problem is that it downloads the files just find but they don’t get sent to the main download folder. This is not a big deal as I can just manually send them but it would be nice to fix this.

Thanks for your reply!

OK, so in that case the usual suspects would include no category in download client, download client path settings, folder permissions or poor paths. All of which are covered in the previously linked wiki and trash guides.

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