Can I prevent undesired audio 2.x channels?

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OS: Windows 10

Description of issue:
I’d rather not get 2.0 or 2.1 stereo in most cases. This is especially undesired when European tv shows drop. usually there are 2.x and 5.x versions, and I always want the 5.x. Is there a way to discourage or prevent the grabbing of 2-channel versions? I’d only want this if 5.x didn’t exist.

I’ve tried using tags, but the description often doesn’t specify.

A little more detail: I discovered that I can check a box to see the audio of my downloaded files, even if not specified in the nzb file name, which is wonderful. Now I can see all episodes at a glance, instead of playing each one and looking at my receiver’s LCD panel!

Is it possible to filter based on this?

If not currently, would you move this to “feature requests”?

You can filter out releases that explicitly specify 2.0 audio or require 5.1 audio. You could also use preferred words to upgrade to 5.1 as it becomes available. Scoring 2.0 releases negatively and 5.1 positively will ensure anything explicitly marked as 2.0 is less than anything without which is in turn less than explicit 5.1.

Not really a feature request here, It’s not possible to filter by something that doesn’t exist.

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Hi so sorry, i can require that even if it’s not part of the nzb filename? Can you point me to instructions on how to do that?

No you can’t. As I said, it’s not possible to filter by something that doesn’t exist.

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Right, so it’s only possible if the uploader was thoughtful enough to include a description in the title. Not possible to know the audio until it’s actually downloaded. I think I get you now.

The way I get around this is to notice which release groups tend to put out 2-channel versions, or versions with advertising logos on them (I think TBS and Bamboozle sometimes do this, for instance) and I give them negative ratings for preferred words in the release profile. That way, I might get them temporarily because they are sometimes the first, but they are eventually replaced with versions that appeal to me more.

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