Can i have a 1080p and 4k version in same sonarr docker container saved to my drive?

**Sonarr version
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: unraid
Debug logs:
Description of issue: trying to save different versions of same show, 1080p and 4k. Is this possible?

No, you’d need two instances.

thanks for reply. I was told that maybe in future updates this might be possible, such and keeping a directors cut version and regular version or 1080p version and 4k version but I guess that is not possible. maybe one day

It’s no ONLY if you are ONLY are going to do all automated. You can automate one and do a manual search for the other. I would just put them in separate folders like below.

Doctor Who (2023)
  Doctor Who Season 1
        Doctor Who (2023) S01E01 (episode title)
        Doctor Who (2023) S01E01 (episode title)