Can blackhole downloads be kept in "Downloading" state?


Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Docker Image linuxserver/sonarr
Description of issue:

I’m using the blackhole downloaders. After a new file is found, the episode is shown as “Downloading” (purple) in the calendar. But this stays only for a short time. After about a minute the episode is back to the “Missing” state again. I didn’t touch the blackhole folder in the meantime, so the file that was put there by Sonarr is still there. Is this as designed?

If yes, wouldn’t it be possible to keep the episode in the “Downloading” state? If you don’t want to keep it there forever, maybe at least until the file is removed from the blackhole folder?


Sonarr does not track any torrent files it places there, there is some tracking on the completed downloads folder so Sonarr can import from there (which will show as downloading until they are complete).

We do not have plans to track torrents placed in the blackhole folder, Blackhole is not meant to be a completely integrated system like Sonarr has with a download client.


Is there an API available that allows setting the “Downloading” state of an episode?


No, it’s all pulled directly from the download client.


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