Calendar usage:

Tbh, this is more feedback on the calendar portion of sonarr (and radar alike).

Two really annoying problems I run into using the calendar is the swipe to change months, and the thin strip displaying the download status of an episode.

Swiping to the next month is WAY to sensitive constantly triggering while just trying to scroll down (specifically on mobile). I try to scroll to the bottom of the month, purposely moving my finger as straight up as possible and still end up two months over.

And the thin colored strip is really hard to see and separate red from green. Its just far too small and because of that makes the colors much harder to pick out especially for someone who doesn’t have perfect color vision. I really really miss the fully colored backgrounds instead of this stupid tiny strip of hard to see color.

I’ve honestly hated the update from v2 to v3 because of this and have tried to maintain my installation of v2 until it was no longer feasible. I’m unfortunately stuck with v3 now and really not happy about it.

Doesn’t appear you’ve looked in the calendar options. You can get full colors not just the strip.

Mobile side swipe is a perpetual issue :man_shrugging: Not specific to calendar

Ah, hadn’t noticed the option to expand the colors.

Swipe still drives me nuts though :confused:

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