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Well, I have looked into this topic here in the forum as well as in google and didn’t manage to solve it. When I go to the calendar in sonarr, AOT next episode is supposed to air at 15:15 but in my timezone it is 19:40 at the moment and it hasn’t aired. The 15:15 hour is for EST and i am using GMT. I have checked in my device’s settings but everything seems fine! Any idea what i am doing wrong?

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The information on the calendar is shown based on your timezone, but to translate episodes to that, Sonarr takes the air date/time and the network the show airs on to translate it to UTC/GMT, which then gets translated in the browser to your local time.

TheTVDB says that shows airs at 12:13am and NHKs timezone is Asia/Tokyo (GMT+9), so 3:15pm GMT, which matches your timezone and the calendar, if it’s actually supposed to air 5 hours later then TheTVDB’s air time for the series is wrong.