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OS Ubuntu Server 18 on Raspberry Pi 4:
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The issue is that Sonarr calendar is showing the incorrect time for the shows. I have setup the correct local time Chicago and have set up NTP for the timezone. It’s all the shows no matter what.
Example. PennyWorth in Chicago shows at Sundays 8PM but it is showing up on Sonarr on Monday 1AM. I looked at all the forums and google it to death and have not seen any solutions.

What can it be?



Dates on the calendar are relative to the time + timezone of the device accessing it. If your time/timezone is set wrong or you’re using a addon that sets it to UTC then it won’t display properly.

Hi My timezone is Chicago, which is where I live. Yet the time is incorrect in the calendar. Why isn’t it picking up my timezone as chicago?

Ok, disregard this issue. I found out that Firefox must have some add-ins that is changing my local time to UTC. I tried it on Chromium and the times are showing local. So, I will be using Chromium.


I don’t think this counts as a solution because the problem remains with Firefox’s display of the calendar. I accept it’s probably not a Sonarr issue but does anyone know why this is occurring as I don’t have any FF addons that set the timezone to UTC and my PC timezone is correct?

I would also like to add that when I open another tab in FF and go to and type in what’s the time now? it shows the correct time for my timezone which does ‘suggest’ that it’s a Sonarr issue?

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