Bring BACK the color-coded calendar! (at least as an option)

My aging eyes DON’T appreciate the razor’s-edge colored lines now used to denote the status of your downloads. The previous design was elegantly simple, and the entire week’s activity was visible at a glance, even in thumbnail. A green screen = success.

NOW…squint & strain…is that tiny line associated with the program to its left, or its right. And FORGET about anything smaller than full-screen; thumbnail view- not a chance.

Hell, look at’s opening webpage. Just try swapping a 2" version of the new calendar into the website.


And YES, I tried the ‘color impaired mode’ setting. It’s as though the goal- was to make the information as subtle as possible…NOT a move in the right direction, when the real PURPOSE of the screen is to relay that very information.

I also would like this.
As mentioned as an option would also be great.
The calendar in v2 was easier when have a quick look and see what is downloaded and what not.

I would love a old guy version of the calendar as well :sweat_smile:

I agree an option to use the website hime page with background colors would be great can let people choose between the 2 ways!
Thank you,

I couldn’t agree more! As a color blind person, trying to distinguish those thin strips of color 9n the calendar view is nearly impossible. Anything that works make those distinctions more obvious works be an extremely helpful step towards better accessibility.

Yes, please bring back the option to show more color. I’d also like to see the status of my calendar at a glance.

Old (top) is WAY better Than New (bottom) for calendar color wise and can we PLEASE have filter by tag or profile on calendar.

I like the new layout just add the colored episode background from before and make the hatching more obvious or have different patterns for the color blind users thanks.

Can you find the one aired episode (colour blind mode is on too which I think makes it worse because the hatch is so light and just vertical lines)

do devs even read threads? Reidflix images show the glaring issue. It’s all about eyeflow.

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I haven’t tested it yet, but it looks like the developers added this on March 29th to the develop branch:

This was supposedly included in the last update (I got the notification yesterday, or maybe the day before I forget now) but I can’t find the feature anywhere.

How do you get the old color scheme back??

EDIT: Nevermind I found it. You have to click Options from the calendar page itself, its not in the Settings page where you would likely expect it to be.