Bridging the gap between OTA (ATSC/DVB) & Online Metadata Sources

I’ve recently begun to augment my video collection with DVR recordings from my local Over-the-Air channels. (It never hurts to have multiple sources.) As anyone who’s ever ventured down this path already knows, Metadata from OTA broadcasts RARELY match metadata from sources like TVDB, TMBD, etc. At the moment, I’ve taken to manually renaming my TV files before adding them into Sonarr. I would love to find a way to automate this process.

The process would require the ability to compare metadata from both the source of the TV show and one of the online metadata providers, then rename the file and inject the metadata from the online source once a “match” is found. I’ve searched high and low but have yet to find anything as specific as what I am suggesting. The closest I have found is the Guessit python library and MP4 Automator. Unfortunately, Guessit merely scans a filename and generates metadata based on the content of the filename. MP4 Automator, which leverages Guessit, takes things a step further by retrieving thumbnails from online sources, but fails in its efforts without first having accurate metadata information.

Is anyone familiar with a software tool that can accomplish this specialized type of metadata comparison?

For anyone who stumbles upon my thread in search of a similar solution, look up Filebot. I’ve managed to achieve my desired outcome with solutions presented on the Filebot forums.