Blood & Treasure - How to force refresh

The series Blood & Treasure has been the subject of lots of changes and discussion on thetvdb.

The queries have arisen relating to the number of episodes in the season and whether there are 12 or 13.

As a consequence; the entry shown in Sonarr has changed several times.

The tvdb admins locked the series yesterday and set it to be 12 episodes.

Sonarr is currently showing it as episodes 1-11 and 13 whereas it should be 1-12.

I have tried refreshing the series and it still shows the incorrect numbers.

I also deleted the series from Sonarr and ran a manual “housekeeping” followed by adding the show as a new series.

It is still wrong.

As the series was locked in thetvdb getting on for 24 hours ago I was wondering why the corrected version has not come through yet.


theres a sonarr cache server in the middle, it can take a while to update sometimes but it eventually does. they may give it a bit of a shove as well if they see your post.

When the mods on TheTVDB make changes they often do it in a tool that results in the API not updating or at least the last modified time not updating, which means our cache doesn’t detect the change and never updates. Looks like it’s good now after a forced cache clearing.

Thank you; yes indeed it is now correct.

If it’s correct, then how come I have 13 episodes, and they are all different? This is so confusing when the TVDB does this nonsense.

I agree with you.

By correct; I meant what thetvdb said it was even though I think they are wrong.

What is particularly annoying in this case is that according to the comments in the forum someone had an email from CBS All Access which said they had deliberately just edited the first two episodes together.

But still they wouldn’t change it to what it should be IE 13 episodes.

I learned my lesson with TheTVDB. They are impossible to deal with, and the head guy has a nasty attitude towards everyone. I usually just sit back and wait because you simply can’t win with them. :smiley:



I think part of the problem is that “the scene”, i.e., the cappers and groups that provide usenet product, named their shows for 13 parts, and since episode 1 either contained two episodes or one, things got off on the wrong foot. I may have to manually rename every episode at some point, but it wouldn’t be the first time!

For what it’s worth, PLEX is also confused with this show.

I know what you mean. I see the TVDB also changed the Netflix TV show “No Good Nick”. It was listed as 2 seasons, 10 per season, but now it is listed as 20 for season 1. So confusing.:smiley:

I had to manually rename all the episodes and also manually download episode 13 and import it as 12.

I also had to turn off the monitoring of episodes to prevent episodes being replaced with incorrect ones.

A complete mess that should have been avoided if the tvdb weren’t so obstinate.

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