Blackhole/folderwatch for files downloaded from different sources?


is there possibility to set up folderwatch where i can download files my own (for example using JDownloader) and if series is in Sonaar it will grab those files and do Sonarr magic with renaming and placing to correct folders?

No, but you can tell Sonarr to scan a directory:

The command name is is DownloadedEpisodesScan and takes the props listed here:

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Thank you @markus101 !
I’m not good with coding and linux.
How could i run those commands?
Can I set cron to do it once an hour?

I wouldn’t cron a job like that. You’re bound to import incomplete files which are still copying from somewhere else.


@Thirrian great advice, i didn’t think about that!

But I still don’t know how to run this command