Bitsearch doesn't automatically download

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OS: by linuxserver.ioSeedbox
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In Torrentleech indexer everything works. It sees the show in calendar and downloads it.
But in Bitsearch for some reason it won’t work. I have to manually press the little magnifying glass after the show has aired. Then it downloads.
Why is that. Bitsearch is set up in Torznab and Jacket etc.

Someone else may be able to give you a better answer but you are actually using two different matching mechanisms with the actions you described. The first is when the show is matched and downloaded automatically. In this case, Sonarr queries the indexer’s RSS feed and is provided a list of the last x number of shows that were indexed by that particular indexer (the actual number can vary from indexer to indexer). Sonarr then scans the RSS response and tries to match it against things that you want and/or potentially would like an upgrade for. In the second method, you send a query request to the indexer asking for a list of a particular series/season/episode and then pick the best match from the response. In the screen capture I provided you can see three of my indexers and note that one of them doesn’t support the “search” method, only RSS…

I guess my point is that it is possible for the RSS function to be broken for a particular indexer but the search function may be working.

Ok. Yes one of my indexers, (the only one that works automatically) only support RSS as well.
When I push the “test” button the indexer I have to do it manually: (Bitsearch) indexer says everything is ok. But I guess maybe something can be wrong even if the test passes.

But does 1337x work for you automatically ? Maybe I would try set up that as well. Do you use Jacket?

I am using Jacket but to be honest my system is configured to give priority to NZB so I rarely get anything off of Torrent. I did go back through my grab history and there are instances I pulled from 1337x so it is working through Jackett

Thank you. I will try set up 1337x then.

If you haven’t already got it configured you may also need Flaresolverr for 1337x. It is easy to install with Docker and you configure Jackett to use it.

Ok. Thanks, I will look into that.
My calendar doesn’t have any shows until Wednesday I think. So if it’s not doing it automatically then I will give it a shot.

A little bit of my first topic. Tried 1337x .
Is it normal that 1337x site shows more results on a certain search ?
Than the results that pops up in Sonarr interactiv search?
Look at the pictures. Only 3 matches in Sonarr but the web site shows 5 including the HDR version I want

you manually searched “all categories” on their site - what categories have you set for that indexer in sonarr?

ie check what category that HDR file you want has, and make sure you have that category enabled in the indexers settings or sonarr wont ask for it so wont see anything in it.

Thanks :slight_smile: switched everything on. And found it :slight_smile:

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