Better way to handle when “Automatic import is not possible.”

I get many in the queue that say “Found matching series via grab history, but release was matched to series by ID. Automatic import is not possible.”

I would like to be able to bulk edit a show that needs manual Import in the queue tap. Usually, the download has the year in file name but sonarr does not or there name does not match exactly. There should be a way to select all episodes of a show that could not import automatic and select the show and not have to select each episode.

For example there are about 30 episodes in the show called Murdertown that cant be automatically imported. b/c the file name starts with Murdertown.UK. … There should be a way for me to tell soanrr that all of those files with Murdertown.UK are for Murdertown and I don’t have to manually click on 30 of the “human head” icon on each and select import.

There should be an more easy way to deal with this thanks.

Request an alias per

That does not fix it right away. Also there should be a way on sonarr to add an alias.

Same argument every time. Requesting an alias fixes it once, and for everyone.

Is the only way to request and alias fix is with the google form? If so there should be a way to easily request this with in sonarr for everyone.

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