Best VPN for Torrenting

Hi mate, I only wanted to ask anyone using VPN for torrenting downloads or not. how risky it’s to use a VPN for torrenting, if not then which is the best VPN for Torrenting

Don’t trust that site you linked it looks like a sponsored result.
if you want to compare you can try:

I’m using a VPN for torrenting,
Not for Usenet.
It isn’t risky at all to use a VPN for torrenting it even saver.
Also a smart thing to remember is to stay away from public trackers.

For torrenting and if you like to keep a decent ratio look for a VPN that supports port forwarding.

I use NordVPN.

The info about the 5 eyes, 9 eyes and 14 eyes helped me know more about using VPN and which one to choose.
You can find some information on this website

Always use Best VPN services to get the most out of a VPN as its safe and secure. Don’t try to save money by getting free VPN as they not only leak your IP address but also logs too. It means that your online activity can be tracked easily.

Hi !

I’m using NordVNP, i love it !

I always use this list of VPN for torrenting -, hope It helps you to choose.

And I also think that NordVPN is quite good, you should try it.

I personally go for the NordVPN and ExpressVPN services, these both are satisfied and best vpn for torrenting with best of all features, Don’t try to use any free VPNs…

Many usernet providers offer VPN service as a value add-on. is one of them. Besides having an excellent usernet service that can saturate my 1 GB connection, they offer an excellent VPN service with end points throughout the world.

I have been using Ivacy to download and stream torrents from any site I want. If you really want the best VPN for torrenting, then feel free to visit Ivacy and you will get an extra discount on placing the first order.

Here is my trusted list for best vpn for torrenting which i mostly use for downloading games, movies with great speed of internet. you can find which suits you because there is many option for you. enjoy! :slight_smile:

I just avoid torrents but If you do nzb also I hear that newshosting also has a good vpn service that has support in many country’s and you can get a package for it and nzb then also do your vpn stuff.

I found the VPNs to all be too slow. A more effective solution was to use a seed-box and then use rsync over a ssh tunnel to move completed files local. With a seed-box I can affordably get 1GBPS up and down for a reasonable fee.

Also with a seed-box if you so choose you can also use it as a proxy for web traffic if you are extra paranoid.

define affordably with a decent space for seeding ?
or are we talking about “hit n run” public trackers ?

BTW heard someone who has a VPN service running over a dedicated server or a VPS and uses that server for his VPN seems to be faster also.
Then the part about security depends if it’s a shared IP or a dedicated IP if it’s a dedicated IP it still can be tracked back to you.

I would suggest you should buy VPN from Ivacy for torrenting and all the secure downloading needs.

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