Benefit of SSD Drive

Rebuilding my windows 10 box (might do linux) which is dedicated to Sonarr, SABNZB and Plex. It’s obviously on 24/7 and I’ve had great success with everything.

I understand the benefits of SSD on user PC’s, but would my sonarr box really benefit by adding an SSD for windows and the applications, with media storage on the (new) legacy drive? Possibly separate SSD/HD or a hybrid. I have about 25 programs processed via usenet only, it’s not used for anything else other than as a plex server in the house.


You correctly pointed out that the benefit is noticeable on User PC’s, with apps starting up faster, games loading faster, etc. But for something like Sonarr that runs 24/7 that isn’t relevant.

The SSD would only slightly improve the responsiveness of the UI due to faster database access, but I doubt that’s noticeable or even important.

There is one reason why you might want an SSD and that’s power usage. Having your OS on an SSD means that your media disks can spin down when idle for a longer time. In theory.

There are some advantages in separating the media disk and OS disk, so assuming you have to choose between the OS disk being a HDD or SSD, then the choice depends on what you have available.
If you have to purchase a drive anyway, then you might consider a small SSD like 40-80GB, you can get those for $50 or something.
If it’s an existing system, and you already have an HDD as OS disk, then I wouldn’t bother upgrading to SSD.

Thanks! Appreciate the feedback.

I’ve had great experience running OS on SSD (quick responsiveness) and then loading up as many HDDs as possible for storage.

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