Beginners Guide For Setting Up NzbDrone [Work In Progress]


Below is a link to a hopefully simple to follow guide for those new to NzbDrone and need a little help whilst these forums can be very helpful sometimes it helps if you have certain steps broken down a bit and also screenshots can help so i put this together not long ago after being requested by @johngcp i have got some good feedback from him which i plan to implement ASAP

As mentioned in the title this is a Work In Progress so if there is something missing or something you may think should be added please let me know and as soon as i get some spare time i will try and edit it to reflect these.

I decided to make this an announcement as it was buried several pages back in a post that did not identify it clearly so hopefully this way it will be easier to find.

All the best, Welcome to the NzbDrone Community and Good luck! :slight_smile:

Click Below to View The Guide

(I assure you it is safe i simply shortened the URL as Google created a massive one and looked messy)

Note: I will post replies here when new stuff has been added for those who want to check it out :slight_smile:

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Sonarr not sorting/moving completed downloads
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New Update: Networking With NzbDrone

I have just added a section on setting up Static IP Addresses (Optional) and configuring NzbDrone to be accessible from other computers on your network and even your Wifi Enabled devices.


Update 08-06-2014 Or 06-08-2014 if your in North America :slight_smile:

Added section on Completed Download Handling

Can be found in Step Seven - Download Client

section of the guide


Updated 17th August 2014

Added Section: Installing As A Service (without using Install Wizard) (Manual Install of Service)


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thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Link isn’t working.


Yeah, it looks like the file was taken down. If You’re interested in documenting this procedure, I can absolutely help as I took extensive notes while doing this on a Debian machine for the first time.

Otherwise, lets delete this post.


Hi, this file has been deleted


Thanks for sharing