Beartown, tvdb:384577, Displayed as TBA

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Beartown is displayed as TBA. Also after I have clicked “Refresh & Scan” in Sonarr.

If I in Sonarr click on “Links > The TVDB” I am send to this url:

I looks like the TVDB informations are there?


possibly a skyhook caching issue, see if it sorts itself out after 24-48 hours

you can always set the TBA option to Never so it downloads TBA labelled episodes if it finds one
or wait out the 24 hours for it to no longer matter

Today is it 21 Oct 2020.
Beartown is still TBA - also after I have clicked ‘Refresh & Scan’.

I there still a skyhook caching issue - or could it be a Sonarr issue?

I have checked on those url’s, but I don’t know if the returned informations are having caching issues?

i guess the question is do you care about the title, or do you just want it to download?

theyre also just called episode 1/2/3/4/5 (albeit in swedish - and have no titles in english) so its possible those dont count as actual episode names?

Is this not a skyhook caching issue - but a language problem in Sonarr?

The TVDB doesn’t have translation for those episodes in English, they’re just Episode 1, Episode 2 etc, since Skyhook (and Sonarr) only get English metadata they’re going to be TBA until they get replaced with real titles.

someone has added english titles, just episode 1/2/3/4/5 but sonarr seems fine with that

OP may want to create a tvdb account and keep adding english translations for the titles where needed (unless someone else does it before them)

They are still displayed as TBA in my Sonarr - also after Refresh & Scan.

Can a title not be “Episode 1” (Avsnitt 1, in Swedish) and therefore displayed as “Episode 1” or “Avsnitt 1” in Sonarr title?

“episodeName”:“Episode 1”,

mine were showing as Episode 1-5 before i deleted the series, and the tvdb api link you have appears to be returning Episode 1-5 as well. not sure why yours isnt updating.

as markus said, sonarr only pulls the english text, so if there is no english translation added (which there wasnt previously) then sonarr gets nothing and you end up with TBA.

Now is my Sonarr also updated - Maybe a cache issue somewhere.

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