Bazarr - a Sonarr companion to download your subtitles

Is there a preferred setting I may be missing? Bazarr is showing over 6000 wanted subs. I checked a few that were “missing” and the language is set to Eng. Mediainfo shows subtitles as utf-8. Thanks again.

Do you see a checkmark in front of the path of your series on Series page?

Yes, I do.

Reach me on Discord and we’ll arrange a way to share one of those file so I can test what’s going wrong:

Does Bazarr handle ASS subs? Seems to not pick those up. Thanks

Here’s the external subtitles extension supported: .srt, .sub, .smi, .txt, .ssa, .ass, .mpl.

Any idea why ass isn’t being picked up? I know, hardd question to answer, had to ask. :slight_smile:

I’ve just tested with an english .ass file and it is detected without any issue. Can you tell me a little more about it?

Did some testing with MKVToolnix and it seems the ass not being picked up have their language set as und. Guess I’ll have to change each file manually. :frowning: Do appreciate your work. Thank you.

If language is ‘und’, Bazarr try to detect language from the first 100 lines of text. Maybe with .ass file, it’s not enough. Could you provide a sample?

BTW I suggest we switch to Discord. :slight_smile:

I found my problem. I had to add a mount point for the docker. After adding this mount point and setting the path correct (sonarr path versus bazarr path) all looks good!

Hi all,

I am new to Bazarr but it is looking good.
I do have a problem which I think is a configuration problem (on my side)

I have installed the docker on my Synology and I have setup Bazarr to connect to Sonarr
I do see the Series listed in Bazarr but I have this error that the path is invalid. If I look at the path it looks ok. But this may be a user rights issue?

How does Bazarr connect to the folder ?
Maybe there is something else ?

Great work!

fail to download subtitle. help!

Come to Discord channel for support.

pip install -r requirements.txt
Collecting gevent==1.4.0 (from -r requirements.txt (line 1))
Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement gevent==1.4.0 (from -r requirements.txt (line 1)) (from versions: )
No matching distribution found for gevent==1.4.0 (from -r requirements.txt (line 1))

Come to Discord for support.

is there any way to make bazarr prefer downloading .ass subtitles? srt seems to play with a black background on jellyfin

No Bazarr only does srt subs
And I know a few people that use Jellyfin and don’t have the issue you have.

I presume it’s a setting issue in your case.
I do recommend to come up discord Bazarr support for more help if needed.

Where can I find a link to donwload the installation files and instructions for Bazarr?