Automatically mark as failed and get new torrent if seeders stuck at 0

Hello all!

Basically what the title says,

It would be nice to have a feature that if say if a torrents progress in stuck at the same percentage and has had 0 seeders for say 5 days in a row (or configure to any time frame you want) it will automatically mark the torrent as failed and will delete the torrent from the client and automatically search the indexers for the next best option.

It would keep doing this until there are no suitable options left. It would be useful to have a less manual approach to stuck torrents. Yes you can currently set a min seeder count to try to avoid this but many public trackers lie about their seeder count and this would greatly assist with this problem and contribute to more automation.

Thank you.

This would cause Hit and Runs.

Won’t be added

Not true. They just don’t always get the counts updated in a timely maner.

And often have their counts comically stale…so yes they lie.

When the :poop: public trackers claim they have hundreds of seeds and there are none or single digits - that’s lying plain and simple