Automatically download episodes only for SOME of the shows

Let’s say that i have 10 shows in Sonarr, but i only want Sonarr to automatically download the episodes only for 2 of them.
I still want the 8 other shows monitored because i want their episodes to appear on the “Missing” page so i can download them manually when i want them.

You can show unmonitored episodes on the Calendar and Missing episodes list, you can’t have Sonarr monitor a series and not monitor it at the same time though.

Thanks. I thought maybe some sort of a profile can be added that will be used for blocking the download. Isn’t that possible?

We’re not going to add such a feature, unmonitoring is the correct way to do it.

If you want a monitored series not to be automatically downloaded, you can use a release profile with a “Must Contain” restriction that is very unlikely to match the name of any release - just some reasonably long string of random characters should do it. Add a tag to the release profile, e.g., “nodownload”, and then use that tag for any series you don’t want to be downloaded.

This is what I do for precisely the use case described here, and it works perfectly.