Automatic Download via YouTube-DL

Please be gentle, first post. Not lurked around here much so not sure of the etiquette but what I can see is a few people asking the same questions I was wanting to ask. “Can Sonarr manage my web series”? Same answers in most of them, manually do it via Youtube-DL. I did that and it sucks the fun out of it. Forgive my blatant laziness but here I present to you the first and maybe last (it just works for me) iteration of my docker to handle my above problem.

In short I run Sonarr in docker, I now run this along side it, I add my web series in sonarr, I configure my docker with the series name and where it can find it. It will grab it, rename it, locate it correctly in the folders so sonarr can see it then force a rescan of the disk. Simple as that really.

All details to run it are on my docker hub link, also a link on there that may help me if I helped you! Wouldn’t have been able to mess with this if I wasn’t recently the receiver of a lot of free time in these dire times.

Stay safe and keep well all!


Holding this slot as it seems to be what the people do nowadays for updates!

This looks awesome! I was actually thinking of developing this myself before I came across your forum post.

I haven’t read the source code yet so forgive me for asking a potentially silly question. Would this fully support downloading from other services that youtube-dl supports or is it specifically designed to support youtube?

As far as I remember it should work with anything you throw at it url wise as it doesn’t do anything to force just YouTube usage. I even updated it to allow cookies usage after a feature request so that should help as well.

I am running sonarr under a Hyper-V image that handles all tv/movie management etc. I’ve spent some time investigating Youtube-DL and how to integrate it but it is still a mystery. Is there a good resource for how to integrate youtube-DL as a provider within a normal install of Sonarr, or does getting it to work require a unique sonarr? thanks whatdaybob.