Automatic donations suspended

Hey, I got an email from paypal saying my automatic monthly donation has been suspended. What should I do? Thank you.

At the moment there isn’t a replacement, we’re looking into options because our account has been limited. We’ll make an announcement when we have something else.

Hope Paypal didn’t steal money from you that supporters donated. I’m in the middle of setting up Coinbase so we’ll see how that goes.

Currently we’re fine the little funds in there are being held, but most of it was pulled out before.

Thanks for the support!

Just notice my paypal donation suspended, sorry to hear about the issues and hope the outcome is positive!

Yeah don’t ever take “donations” via Paypal. It can actually be illegal to do so depending on how you word it (i.e. don’t call it a donation unless you’re a registered non-profit entity). And Paypal won’t hesitate to shut down your account and keep all the money if they think they can get away with it.

My monthly is in bitcoin so shouldn’t be any issue there. Good luck with Paypal, they can be a real beast to deal with!

Any thoughts on adding an option to donate via Flattr?

Went to donate but no paypal, too bad you have a problem with them.
Hope to find another way as bitcoins i’m completely clueless.

Your software is AWESOME to be still free and would like to give you something for it

Great, I never did anything with bitcoins before, but I figured it out for Sonarr.

  1. Create an account at Coinbase. Link your bank account. Take a couple days cause they make small deposits you have to verify.

  2. Set up Coinbase to automatically deposit $5 from your bank account into its wallet each month (as whatever amount of bitcoin).

  3. Click the Donate button in Sonarr and tell it to donate $5 worth of bitcoin to Sonarr each month.

Once you have it set up, you can also start paying for Usenet stuff with it if you want to venture down that road.


hmm interesting, nice guide i will give it a go once i have the time

i just donated 5$ to you sonarr, just a small amount for your awesomeness