Autodl-curl-sonarr setup with seedbox


Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Windows 10
Description of issue: Can I have sonarr installed locally and use this script on a seedbox, or do I have to have sonarr on the seedbox aswell to make the script work? If I can have sonarr locally, then it’ll save me from switching to a dedicated seedbox.



As documented on the Github’s README, you have to change the last line of that script to the address of the machine where Sonarr is located.

It is possible to work, but (assuming your seedbox is outside your home) these kind of setups (changes between addresses) is best for local area networks and if you separate those kind of things over the internet it creates potential problems and threats to your stuff like changing firewall rules and unencrypted connections between your setups over the internet.

I would recommend keeping everything in one place, either your own computer or the seedbox, also considering the diference of uptime between both machines.


I did read the readme on the site but wasn’t 100%, thanks for clearing it up for me.

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