Auto import fails to handle usenet two episodes detected
Win 10.0.18363.959


So I have to manually import these, but will wait a bit to see if this can be rectified. ALL episodes failed to import similar logs as to this one. It kept showing up over and over.

so TVDB shows 2? Scene: 4x18 - TVDB: 3x39, 4x18

here is my problem - XEM doesn’t have these, do I have to start managing TVDB in order to fix this for everyone else?

Yes it does, that’s the only place scene mappings like this come from.

Hover over season 4 episode 18 under TVDB and you’ll see it link back to scene 4x18, same for TVDB 3x39.

Looks like that mapping is just messed up, but hasn’t been touched in almost a year.

I had another example of this situation where it wasn’t in xem,my switchup.

When I’ve asked to get it fixed, they request a compete list of inputs /outputs. If I knew, I wood provide. Dead end

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