[Auto-extract episodes] How to auto-extract TV shows when using windows with no scripts [Service]!

Short tutorial below to auto-extract (Un-rar) all those .rar tv shows automatically even when user isn’t logged on to local machine.

  1. Set up Sonarr Drone Folder:
    a. Settings
    b. Add a folder “Drone” that is a top level folder, cannot be a sub dir of any other folders that sonar or your torrent client watches.

  2. Download Extract Now: http://www.extractnow.com/

  3. Download NSSM https://nssm.cc/

  4. install NSSM
    a. Add NSSM to your windows System path (so you can run NSSM from an elevated CMD Prompt)

  5. install ExtractNow
    a. Configure ExtractNow preferences.
    Note 1: (Monitor folder should be where your Torrent Client stores Finished (unprocessed TV shows)) torrent data.
    Note 2: (Target DIR should be the Sonarr DRONE folder (from step one above)
    b. Close extract now.
    c. Test with simple .rar file (Drop .rar file into your “monitor” folder)
    d. Within 5 minutes the contents of that .rar archive should appear in your Sonarr DRONE folder.
    e. Close ExtractNow
    f. move extractnow.ini from %LOCALAPPDATA%\ExtractNow\ To: C:\Program Files (x86)\ExtractNow

  6. Install ExtractNow as Windows Service:
    a. From CMD Prompt (Admin) "nssm install ExtractNow"
    b. Input these parameters in the pop-up window: http://imgur.com/Wfc0sB0
    Click OK.
    c. Check if service installed correctly: Start -> RUN -> services.msc
    d.Start ExtractNow service, then Stop service
    e. Now run ExtractNow from start menu. Check to make sure all your settings are still there. Then exit ExtractNow.
    f. Go back to services. Start ExtractNow service, ensure service is set to Automatic.



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Have you had the error messages when it tries to extract a corrupted rar file and crashes ExtractNow?

I haven’t.

Oh fair enough. I kept hitting unhandled exception so I had to fall back to using a utorrent winrar script

Hey there’s is an updated guide to this.

Not sure if it will fix your issue:

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