Auto Archive Function

A feature built in to sonarr whereby previous seasons can been moved automatically to another drive or network share after a designated amount of time would be awesome, basically an auto archive system.

I don’t see it happening. Asked many times (search for “archive” here and on github) in many variations.
If you’re ok with sonarr no longer seeing/tracking the episodes you could do this via a script I suppose. If it’s not drive sonarr can see, you can get creative with symlinks.

Can only keep asking as they say Don’t ask, don’t get.

Archiving shows isn’t really a part of Sonarr’s purpose, which might be why the requests are not falling on fertile ground. e.g. perhaps the series is being recorded using Plex DVR, Channels DVR, Jellyfin, etc. and isn’t even being monitored by Sonarr.

I’d suggest that Tdarr is a more logical vehicle for such features. Or perhaps some enterprising software developer can create an ‘archivarr’ tool that focuses on this functionality specifically, irrespective of the source of the recordings.

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